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New painting experience for kids

2D to 3D !

STEM education - Art x Technology x Language

How it works?


1. Paint it

All cards come with an empty area where children can design and paint.


2. Bring it to live

Use Paint & Quest mobile app to bring the painting to live!


3. Learn from it

Learn some vocabularies in different scenario. Mobile app also features pronunciation.

watch a demo

Mobile app


1. Easy-to-use interface

Just scan the card and AR animation effect will show up instantly


2. Native english pronuncation

Listen to the native english pronunciation right next to the vocabs

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-20 at 11.32.37 PM

3. Photo/Video taking

Take a photo or film a video with your designed 3D characters!

​ FREE download

Card collection

​ 8 unique coloring cards

  • 8 unique themes
  • 8 unique coloring objects
  • 8 unique AR effects, with fun animations
  • 8 unique set of vocabularies




WhatsApp Image 2019-10-28 at 10.19.34 PM

Quality parent-child time

Children express their emotions through artwork. By painting together, parents can create a deeper connections with their kids.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-08 at 3.55.01 PM.

Enhanced creativity

Don't limit your kids imagination. What is Christmas to them? They have their own images. Let them paint it out!

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-20 at 11.32.37 PM

Motivated learning

Forcing children to learn doesn't work. Doing some fun activities and get them interested first. They will be motivated to explore more.

STEM education

"STEM education should be cross domain and integrated in multiple subjects"

Paint Cans


Inspire creativity and imagination through painting exercises. 

Technology Class


Experience technology by creating your AR (augmented reality) 3D content.

Chalkboard with Different Languages


Motivate to learn a language to describe your creation.

Beloved by kids, parents and educators

Natalie, age 8

"I don't like Santa Claus wearing red dress. I think he should be colourful. It's Christmas"

Daniel, Dad

"The cards saved my days. My daughter play with them all days. I can finally watch some soccer :D"

Karman, Teacher

"I hold a STEAM class for a group of 7-8 years old with the Paint & Quest AR cards, and they love it!"

Best Gift for kids, ages 3-12

FREE shipping

​ Paint & Quest - standard

  • USD $20
  • included 8 unique painting cards
  • Free app (Android + iOS) for AR effects

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